Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 5

Make the most of "down time"

For many business executives, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be slower than normal.  Many of their business partners and customers are either consumed with holiday business or holiday cheer.  In either case, this can be a great time to plan your 2003 public relations program.

While many publicity opportunities arise in the course of daily business, many other campaigns and plans can be thought out well ahead of time. 

Does your company have a product launch occurring in 2003?  Now would be the time to start planning around it.

How do your financials for 2002 stack up?  Whether they are good or bad, now could be the time to start working on how you are going to present your annual statements to shareholders and the media.

Take a hard look at how your public relations activities fared over the last year.  What worked, and what failed to meet expectations?  Focus on the positives and try to build upon them.  A detailed review of your p.r. program can result in vast improvements over prior year performance.

Analyze the performance of your spokespeople and the results achieved from speaking engagements and media opportunities.  Did your company come off as dynamic and aggressive in 2002, or do you need to make changes for 2003?

How well did your advertising and PR programs work together?  The synergy of a well-run PR campaign with an advertising blitz can yield amazing results.  Did you lose some of the potential you could have profited from?  How can you improve upon your performance in this area?

Review your collateral materials.  Update media kits and make any changes necessary to improve your positioning.  Have you capitalized on available technology by having a media microsite on the Internet?  How about a media kit on CD that can be shipped with your printed version? 

Get a jump on seasonal promotions and opportunities by brainstorming creative approaches to your programs.  The longer your ideas gestate, the more refined and efficient your execution will be.

Finally, take a long look at your marketing plan and determine where and how your public relations opportunities fit in.  Planting seeds of campaigns early can ensure a strong crop of ideas when the time comes to deliver the program.