In his book, An Army of Davids, Glenn Reynolds gives an overview of exactly how technology is empowering the man on the street. As the writer of, one of today’s more popular blogs, he should know.

While some of the book focuses on basic information regarding weblogs and citizen journalism, many reviewers find that the author’s takes regarding media relations are spot-on.

For instance, no longer can a major corporation hope to gloss over a mistake or error – there are too many people watching armed with the ability to alert the public. The concept of mass marketing itself is changing, as consumption patterns, fragmentation and technology change the way people find out about new products and make purchasing decisions.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is itself. Click the link above to see the book’s page at Amazon and you can see what professional reviewers think and also get actual man-on-the-street readers’ opinions.

Reynolds shows that, aside from individual consumers’ increased influence, smaller companies have a greater ability to level the playing field with their giant marketing rivals. Self-promotion and greater market share through guerilla tactics have become more accessible as the web has matured. Weblogs, podcasts, email, and video on the web are opening up venues for smaller companies to get the exposure once reserved for larger companies with huge marketing budgets.

While many regular Trylon newsletter readers will recognize most of the themes in the book, it bears repeating that companies – especially when it comes to marketing and public relations – can benefit from the equalizing power of the Net.