Trylon Communications  - January 2006

Return on PR Investment (PROI)

The common belief is that it’s impossible to objectively judge a PR campaign’s effectiveness. From old metrics like “how many news clips a press release received” to more recent measurements like website hits, marketers have struggled to get a grip on PR effectiveness. Objectively measuring a campaign’s return on investment would help with budgeting and priority issues. With today’s technology, PR pros can do just that.

Targeting is now easier than ever. And creating a targeted message and making sure it is going to the correct audience is the first step in creating a measurable response.

Including a call to action in the message helps obtain measurable results. If you are announcing a new product or service, for instance, you can provide a toll-free number for people to call in order to measure response. Even better, if you use the web for your message, create a special “landing page” where responses are received. This page can be crafted to answer the questions your initial message may have engendered.

Online messages provide more measurement ability than any other medium. For example, this newsletter is a web-based publication that creates a measurable response. We know which articles are of interest to our readers. The same can hold true for weblogs, podcasts and other web-delivered communication.

With interviews or published articles, you can direct the audience to additional information online and then track responses. Have a white paper or an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for readers. Make it easy for them to access – and for you to track.