Trylon Communications  - January 2006

Socialized Technology

Only a decade ago most people weren’t even aware that the Internet existed. Today the web has woven its way into the fabric of our lives through work, recreation, education and media consumption. Computers, formerly an exclusive tool for the elite, are incorporated into almost every household appliance. Listen to casual conversations among seniors today and you will hear the words “Google,” “Yahoo!” and “Mapquest.”

Technology costs have dropped substantially, and software can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go plan or used for free on an advertising-based distribution model. So access to technology is much more universal.

Television remotes, microwaves and automobiles all contain computers, resulting in people having more of a comfort level with them - the first step in adopting technology and integrating it into their lives.

This has a profound impact on public relations. Technology democratization means more touch points for promoting messages. It also enables the kind of two-way dialog that can help companies identify key messaging points and obtain important feedback.

So the next time you craft a PR campaign strategy, take the time to think through all the potential technology applications. Integrate these into your PR campaign model to optimize your reach.