Trylon Communications  - December 2005

Exploding TV

Media fragmentation has been a main theme of this newsletter for several years. New technologies such as broadband, wi-fi and the Internet have transformed the media landscape. Here are two more examples of the changing landscape:

  • Brightcove, an Internet TV distribution startup in Cambridge, MA, has received $16.2 million in venture funding for a service that will allow any independent producer to upload video programming to its servers and make it available over the Web. One distribution partner is Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) America Online. "Brightcove offers a complete Internet TV service for video publishers ranging from small independent producers to major media companies who want to build their businesses by distributing and monetizing their video programming through a variety of broadband channels," according to a company statement.

  • NBC Universal has decided to kill its cable channel Trio and move it to the Web on New Year's Day. "The Web is a perfect place to expand (our) 'programming philosophy' to an unlimited audience," said Lauren Zalaznick, president of the popular culture channel.

The explosion of true TV-quality video on the Web will offer more PR opportunities, as video news, private programming and other content will become more accessible to a universal audience. Targeting will become more effective as well, as web analytics will provide true empirical evidence to assess a PR campaign’s performance.