Trylon Communications  - November 2005

Time Consuming

Besides sleeping, people spend more time consuming media than doing anything else. It’s estimated that about 11 hours a day are spent with some type of media, whether it be radio, television, print, Internet, video games, cell phones or other devices. This poses a very important dilemma. How do you break through the clutter with your message?

International media and marketing research firm Arbitron and global information and media company VNU are in the process of developing a prototypical “day in the life” of the average media consumer to help marketers figure out when most people are consuming media and what type of media it is. Some of the usage is easy to figure out - rush hour radio consumption, evening television, work Internet, etc.

For a more detailed profile of media consumption patterns, the companies plan to use more sophisticated tools like the AC Nielsen HomeScan and the Arbitron Portable People Meters. Anecdotal and empirical data together should provide a reasonably accurate view of media usage habits.

Providing PR pros and marketers with key information can make targeting easier for a campaign’s ultimate success in the future.

For more information on Portable People Meters, click here.