Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 4

It's A Small World

While most companies focus on their local and national press for publicity opportunities, the fact of the matter is that international PR is becoming more important than ever.  Don’t overlook opportunities overseas!

It is always surprising when a company gets tunnel vision and does not take advantage of PR opportunities that fall into its lap.  “But we have no customers in that region,” they may say, or “nobody pays attention to stories from that publication.”

The fact is that any favorable media attention is good PR.  Many media markets are starved for information that you could provide, simply because of cultural, social, or developmental differences.  While you may not be necessarily looking to expand into overseas markets, the ability to cultivate an international audience will go a long way toward building your reputation at home.

Just how do you go about contacting foreign media groups?  Obviously, the Internet becomes a very valuable tool.  You can actually search for news and newsgroups while designating countries of origin and begin developing your international media database. 

The Internet has made "local news" a thing of the past.  Just because a business executive is located in Peoria, Illinois, it does not mean that she does not have access to the latest article in the London Times or Paris Match.

The world is indeed shrinking.  As we become a global business community, the companies that show a proactive ability to gain international recognition will undoubtedly gain advantages over the companies who just stay at home.