Trylon Communications  - August 2005

Building a Brand

A recent article in BusinessWeek noted that the traditional brand-building methods of mass advertising donít work in todayís society. Media fragmentation and consumer control over media consumption are forcing companies to become more creative.

The article underscores the theme presented by Al Ries (see interview) in The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR about the diminished effectiveness of advertising in todayís world.

So how do you introduce and build a new brand? Effective PR can go a long way to generating the buzz that todayís brand building efforts require. Getting the product out through alliances, events, and media stories is step one. Following through on the promise of the benefits of the product or service is step two.

While effective PR canít guarantee that the product will live up to its billing, it can go a long way to building consumer awareness. Targeting the correct media and bringing the message to the public through multiple sources can foster brand credibility and curiosity. Fueling that initial impression with creative events and more media attention will grow consumer recognition and promote the golden word-of-mouth effect.

Word-of-mouth and viral PR have become more effective as consumers exert control over media consumption and have the ability to avoid advertising. Generating buzz in a community and perpetuating a message through viral PR can build a brand stronger and faster than any mass advertising medium.