Trylon Communications  - August 2005

Vital Information

What’s news? That should be one of the most important questions a PR person asks. Many times stories are pitched and press releases are sent that have no legs. Why? Because what the company thinks is earth-shaking news is actually less than a blip on the public’s radar. Companies today need to know what their target audience wants to know.

How do you take the pulse of your target market? Networking with the relevant media for your target market can serve this tactical need and long-term media relations objectives. Getting in front of the people who cover your beat and sharing information, while asking what’s important to them, can help you get coverage over the short term while building a valuable resource.

Many companies overlook their most fundamental communication with their customers – their customer service department. There should be an analysis done at least monthly that brings to the executive office a briefing on what the customers are discussing the most.

By accurately taking the pulse of the market, a PR person can help the company present accurate information that resonates with interested parties while effectively managing expectations. The result -- more productive media relations and positive, targeted press for the company.