Trylon Communications  - July 2005

Podcasting Growth Update

In February we touched upon the growing use of podcasting. According to a top RSS aggregator, FeedBurner, the growth is accelerating. The content distribution company was pointing to only 505 podcast feeds in November of last year, and now that number has jumped to 6,000.

Growth in the number of feeds has seen a corresponding growth in the number of people accessing these programs. The average number of subscribers to the programs has more than doubled in the same time span, from 15 to 33. While that number may seem terribly low, remember that this is a brand new medium and that it is more personalized than most others.

Adam Curry, the proclaimed originator of podcasting, claims 50,000 subscribers to his show, The Daily Source Code. Another show, Behind the Scenes, which is about podcasting, claims to have between three to five thousand listeners per show.

As companies like FeedBurner add shows to their feeds and people can more easily locate these “homegrown” radio shows, expect to see the subscription numbers rise. Just as blogging was a new medium when we started reporting on it in October 2002 and has now become almost mainstream, podcasting is going to be a medium to keep an eye on.