Trylon Communications  - July 2005

Book Review:
The Public Relations Handbook for Nonprofits

Every PR practitioner knows that getting press can be precarious. For nonprofits, it can sometimes be even more difficult to cut through the clutter. A new book designed to help these organizations develop a comprehensive PR campaign is a good read that any marketing or PR executive could use.

Nonprofit organizations must employ effective, professional public relations techniques in order to get the recognition, support and dollars they need to fulfill their missions. The Public Relations Handbook for Nonprofits offers the first extensive guide to the practices that nonprofit organizations need to perform well in their efforts to do good.

The author, Art Feinglass, discusses all of the usual weapons in the PR arsenal, such as news releases, press kits, newsletters, annual reports, special events and the Internet. Perhaps more importantly, he ties these tools to theory and practice to help target media markets and shape the message for greater impact.

In the book there are several references to Trylon Senior Vice President Ronni Faust. She provides insight on following up with reporters, out-of-the-box thinking regarding staging publicity events, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists and more.

Nonprofits need good PR to effectively raise money, and for that reason alone a strong PR program is essential to the health of the entity. Having a resource such as this can make a great deal of difference in the success of a fundraising campaign.