Trylon Communications  - March 2005

Finding the New Media

Reaching the correct media has always been key to a sound PR policy. With the current shifts in consumer media consumption, identifying those targets can be quite a task. Here are a couple of ideas to help navigate the new media waters.

Blogs: These Web-based journals are a prime example of how media are shifting from the one-to-many approach (i.e., television) to the one-to-few approach. People who visit and return to certain blogs demonstrate a real interest in their topics and content. These journals can exert quite an influence on their readers, but approaching them for publicity purposes can be dicey. (for more information on this subject, look here).

How do you find the blogs that relate to your company or product? Waypath is a good starting point that helps find blogs by keyword, topic, activity and more.

Podcasts: These might be considered ďaudio blogsĒ Ė home-based radio type programs broadcast over the web. Trylon wrote about these recently (click here) and they are getting increased traction in the community. As this is a relatively new medium, the opportunities are enormous.

Podrazor is a search engine that lets you search for podcasts by keyword. Choose a keyword that best relates to your company or product and see if any of the resulting podcasts specifically relate to you. If so, you can contact the podcastís producer and offer to go online with them to discuss relevant issues.

The WWW: What? This is new? OK, in todayís compressed time frame world, the World Wide Web seems as old as Methuselah. But itís only been a decade since people really started using this medium Ė and look at how far it has come!

More people than ever now start their research, shopping, and media consumption by going online. As a result, if your company publishes its own blog, podcast, newsletter, or any other changing and relevant Web-based publication, you may already have an easy opportunity to reach the public through the Web.

Why canít you be the medium? As long as itís disclosed up front, there is no harm in offering insight into what you do and why you do it. Simply make your Web pages search engine friendly and you will be amazed how people will find you. Bring valuable content to the table, and you will have them returning for more.