Trylon Communications  - February 2005

Measuring Blog Contributions

A few months ago (see story), we discussed the pros and cons of having a corporate blog. Another reason to consider having one is that, just like with a Web site, you can monitor and measure responses to your posts.

How often can you accurately measure feedback from a PR initiative? By utilizing blogs in a PR campaign, companies can gauge interest in a story, the “legs” a story may have, and the kind of reaction a story may generate.

The same tools available to monitor keyword mentions and incoming links can be used to measure corporate blogs. Experts suggest using such traditional Web metrics, plus interactive measurement tools like surveys. By synthesizing the results, companies can predict reactions to news announcements, product introductions and more.

Another interactive feature that can be incorporated into blogs, but has yet to be utilized widely, is a viral component. Marketers can encourage readers to forward posts to interested parties – this helps spread the word, while offering companies an opportunity to view forwarding activity.

It’s time for marketers to realize that the interactive nature of the blog medium is very conducive to receiving immediate feedback via posts, as well as more substantial brand awareness and campaign measurement opportunities.