Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 3

The Overlooked Media

Naturally, everybody would like a feature article written about their company to appear in The Wall Street Journal or Business Week.  What many don’t know is that there are several opportunities that get overlooked – ones that can provide a great boost to a company’s public relations foundation.

The first opportunity is right under their noses – local media.  While editors at all of the major media outlets receive more information than they can handle, local editors are very often looking for content, especially as regards local companies. 

Businesses have a good chance of cultivating strong relationships with their local media if they give it a little effort.  The best ways of doing so are informing the editors or business writers about upcoming events, industry news, community services, or other newsworthy happenings.

As always, one must temper the enthusiasm to forge new relationships with the reality that even local writers can get buried in press releases.  Make sure that the information you send is worthwhile and that you are not simply blowing your own horn.

Once you have made contact with the local media, let them know that you are available as a source for your specific industry.  If you can demonstrate just once that you can provide background and insight into your general business, you will become a trusted source and find yourself fielding calls from local journalists.

The second opportunity that frequently goes unnoticed is in your industry trade media.  For example, we at Trylon write articles for public relations-related magazines.  When they are published, our credibility is extended and Trylon receives more recognition.  We are also able to point out these publications to clients and prospects, which offers more in the way of third party endorsement than anything short of unsolicited client testimonials.

The third opportunity - local talk shows.  Talk radio has become increasingly popular, and hosts are always looking for guests to provide insights or commentary on current events.  There may be many opportunities specifically tailored to your business or expertise.  The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to get in touch with the producers of talk shows in your local area.  Let them know what you do and offer a media kit.  

Anybody that expresses an interest in keeping up with what you are doing should be on a list that gets your published articles, press releases and any other important announcements.  Keep your name out there and it will get called by the media!