Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 3

What Journalists Want

During a recent interview with a journalist the very first thing she said was, “of course I have been all over your website…”  Today more than ever, the Internet is being used for research and information.  Your website tells journalists and potential customers – even competitors – what you do and what kind of company you are.  What do journalists want from your website?

According to a recent study, only 33% of the company websites visited by journalists have the information the journalists wanted.  The top three things journalists wanted to see are:

1.    Press Releases.  That’s right, those things that you think nobody ever looks at.  An archive of press releases can illustrate growth or give background for a current story angle.  

2.    Contact information.  Journalists want to know who to contact, preferably on a 24-hour basis.  When they are looking for facts to finish up an article, the last thing they need is to be passed from one employee to the next.

3.    Media kit.  Background information that profiles your company, the management, size, etc. can help a journalist immensely.  An “about us” section is a poor cousin to a properly executed media kit.  The right facts and figures at a journalist’s fingertips can turn a story into a feature article.

When three out of four journalists view the web as their primary source of company information, it makes sense that your site is easy to find, easy to navigate, and has the information they are looking for.  It could mean the difference between being featured in a story or not!