Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 3

'Fess Up!

There seems to be no end today to examples of glaring public relation mistakes made by companies.  In fact, a large measure of the recent stock market decline reflects loss of confidence in business at large – much of it because of poor PR.

In today’s society there really is no such thing as “plausible deniability.”  There is simply too much information available to try to weasel out of mistakes or errors.  Instead of trying to deny problems, companies today are much better off confronting them head-on.

In other words, ‘fess up!  If a problem is looming and there is no way around it becoming public, then be the first to get it out in the open.  If confronted by the media, be honest.  Either admit to the mistake and identify solutions, or if you are not aware of the problem, admit that and find out what you don’t know as soon as you can.  Then contact the media and provide your view on the problem and what you intend to do to solve it.

Nothing gets the media more upset than feeling a sense of betrayal from company executives.  The largest mistake we see in our industry is the mistrust that exists between corporate executives and the media.  Let’s face facts – journalists are charged with providing interesting news.  They are also charged with getting down to the facts