Trylon Communications  - November 2004

Diminishing Returns

With communities pouring more resources into developing cultural centers and the arts, traditional media is finding it harder to allocate space for the burgeoning industry, with a recent report from Columbia University confirming that newspapers are allocating less space to the field. However, alternative media is picking up the slack and providing the commentary and guidance once found in newspapers.

Does traditional media even understand the nature of the arts market?

Granted, newspapers have had to cut expenses resulting in almost every section of the newspaper being reduced in some way.

However, the majority of space today seems allocated more for pop culture than for emerging arts and critical reviews.

Once considered a civic guide to the arts, the daily paper is quickly losing that reputation. As a result, consumers are quickly finding a suitable replacement in the alternative media. In a consumer-driven world, itís all about meeting demand, not allocating resources on a cost basis.