Trylon Communications  - October 2004

Media Is Job One

Brand management, crisis communications, and investor relations…it seems many people forget the main purpose of PR. In many instances it seems as though media relations and obtaining press coverage take a back seat to other (more billable?) items. This trend has to stop.

A strong PR strategy that garners attention and credibility has tremendous value. In many cases, it makes the difference between the success and failure of a firm. That said, it is alarming what some PR firms are billing their customers for these days.

It is as if these firms have become quasi-law firms, finding marked up billables in such items as phone conversations, client meetings, voicemail messages and the like. In fact, a PR firm should not be retained unless it is generating relevant and valuable press coverage.

When considering a PR strategy for your firm, you should make media placements and targeted exposure your number one priority. You will find that with a constant stream of relevant (and positive) publicity, including speaking engagements, interviews, and media articles, your need for many of the supplemental services that companies routinely bill for are simply unnecessary.