Trylon Communications  - August 2004

"The 5 Paths to Persuasion"


The authors of the book "The 5 Paths to Persuasion" believe that no sales pitch will succeed unless it resonates with a buyer’s mindset. This is true not only for sales, but for messaging. An interview with a reporter can be worth millions of dollars – or it can ruin your reputation. This book provides operating rules that can help you prepare for your next media communication.

The book delineates five categories of decision makers: skeptics, charismatics, thinkers, followers and controllers. Providing a detailed account of the best ways to persuade each type, the authors' message is clear and consistent: decode the individual and go in with the proper tools. Readers receive a complete analysis on how to pinpoint each category, and are then shown how to develop the perfect presentation for each.

Taking this to a PR perspective, the message is: Know your audience. If you have an interview scheduled with a particular reporter, review some of his or her previous articles. Try to find out what type of person they are, what their tactics seem to be and how they react to statements and ideas.

When pitching a story idea to a reporter or editor, try to know what makes their bells chime. Get to know them and try to classify their category as outlined by this book’s authors.

For an excerpt of the book and more information, click here.