Trylon Communications  - August 2004

Straight Shot

The New York Times (The Twilight of the Information Middlemen) reports that more and more news is coming to consumers straight from the source, rather than being filtered by news outlets and media centers. This presents opportunities to companies looking for ways to get stories to the public.

Want the inside story on how things are going in Iraq? You can find out from Web logs published by Iraqis who are living through the struggle. Interested in the latest at Microsoft? Dozens of Microsoft employees are now publishing Web logs.

The Internet has become a valuable tool for people seeking information. In many cases, it delivers information directly from the source, instead of through third-party material. The Times notes that scientific studies are now available through open access sites, allowing researchers to share findings in real time.

While there will never be a substitute for creating and maintaining strong media relationships, new opportunities allow companies to interact directly with the public and through original information sources on the Web. Whether by contacting blog authors regarding relevant information they’ve published or by creating their own news sites, marketing executives can now share information through previously unavailable channels.

As Wi-Fi, broadband, text messaging, VOIP and other new communication options open up, there will be even more opportunities reach targeted groups with your message. The key is to do it right by staying in context and presenting viable information.

And while the headline of the Times article alludes to the end of information middlemen, it is ironic that if you want to read it you have to pay a price – to a media outlet.