Trylon Communications  - June 2004

Just Say No

A recent article by the Associated Press which ran in major newspapers nationwide discussed the importance of being honest with clients and risking the possibility of disappointing the client – for the client’s benefit. Trylon Communications president Lloyd Trufelman was quoted in the article as asking, “Do you want the quick buck or build it for the long term?” In other words, sometimes you have to Just Say No.

This concept relates closely to an earlier newsletter article we wrote about addressing client expectations. It is important to be objective when dealing with client expectations, and while the truth may not always be what a client wants to hear, in the long run it will help the client to develop their business.

Trufelman was further quoted, saying “Sometimes you have a client who doesn't necessarily want to hear that. But if you're going to give really good client feedback, saying no is very important.”

Every company executive believes that his or her company’s new idea or project is The Next Big Thing. That’s one of the reasons they work there! But having an objective opinion from an outside perspective, even if it’s negative, can help a company tremendously.

In our industry, it is easy to placate a client, promise press coverage on a topic, and then explain the lack of coverage with excuses. However, it is not in the client’s best interest. If we believe that there will not be sufficient interest to get press coverage we will say so, and explain why.