Trylon Communications  - June 2004

RSS - More Control Over Content

As individuals look for more control over the content and news they receive in an increasingly fragmented media marketplace, new solutions for managing “information glut” are arriving. One of these solutions is RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The basic benefit of this technology is that readers can choose the media channels from which they receive news updates online – offering simple choices in both content and source.

This technology resembles the old “push” technology of PointCast, a promising idea in the mid-90s. PointCast was a desktop tool that allowed users to identify content and sources for updates. When the updates became available, the new information was “pushed” onto their desktops.

One of the problems associated with this technology was that the program ate into the limited bandwidth and memory resources available at that time. Most people were connecting to the Internet via dial-up modems, and the PointCast feeds were tying up the lines.

RSS, on the other hand, gives the individual the power to choose content, update timing, sources, etc. A reader is required, which is a simple program that allows one to set their choices and then searches the web for updates.

Many believe that RSS will assume a greater role as a content delivery vehicle for business to business communication. For example, instead of having a newsletter delivered every month, you will have the opportunity to include the Trylon Communications newsletter in your RSS program and will be alerted when the new issue is available. Similarly, you will be notified when new blog postings that interest you go up on the web.

As with any new technology, there will be kinks to work out and adjustments to make. However, this ability to sort and filter news and web content may offer a significant benefit to those of us trying to keep track of the avalanche of news and content that is pouring off the web every day.

If you would like more information on RSS, there is a good resource directory that can be accessed by clicking here.