Trylon Communications  - March 2004

Timing the Market

Every stock investor tries to buy low and sell high. Timing the market can be very difficult for investors, but very rewarding for companies trying to gain (or avoid) attention.

Macro trends often pertain to your business or niche. Catching hold of the buzz associated with a trend and riding it to gain attention can be very effective. For example, if you are a broadband ISP and more people are adopting broadband, you would certainly want to use that trend to gain attention.

Seasonal trends are obvious PR opportunities for e-commerce companies. With more people going online to make purchases every holiday season, an e-commerce business would miss a great opportunity for publicity by not actively pursuing annual media exposure at that time.

Technological breakthroughs offer tremendous opportunities. Journalists need the input of an industry expert at such times, as the news often contains information beyond their ken.

But what about bad news? Is there a way to “market-time” necessary admissions or disclosures that need to be released…yet would be better left under the radar screen? Yes! The media is less interested in business news on Friday afternoons, so that’s a great time to issue a statement that you want kept low profile. Even if the statement gets picked up, it usually won’t generate “legs” over the weekend and by Monday morning may become a dead issue.

The next time you have news to disseminate – either good or bad – take note of the context in which you are sending it. Depending on the result you seek, smart communication tactics can help magnify or reduce your exposure.