A recent report on the state of the news media from Pew Research Center shows that more people are accessing their online news from mobile devices than ever. With 39 of the top 50 news sites reporting that more news is consumed via mobile devices than desktop computers, the trend towards mobile appears to be growing stronger.

One caveat to this trend is that mobile audiences appear to be less engaged than those that receive news via desktop, because people using mobile devices for news spend less time on each story. Only 10 of the top 50 sites show more time spent on stories via mobile devices.

One strong area of growth cited in the report is a trend towards podcasts, with nearly one third of Americans having listened to at least one podcast last year, versus only one in ten as recently as 2006.

Digital-only news sites show a similar pattern to the more traditional news sources. Interestingly, a greater number of digital properties received more desktop traffic than the traditional sources. Nine of the digital-only sites received more desktop traffic.

As the public finds new ways to interact with the news, marketers and PR professionals alike will need to diversify their messaging and contact lists in order to ensure that they tailor the message to the audience.