A recent story at BRW.com suggested that advice given by Mark Cuban to startup entrepreneurs could be dangerous, and that when it comes to PR Bill Gates has a better view. Cuban recommended that entrepreneurs handle their own PR, while Bill Gates once said, "If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one on PR."  


With news media resources becoming increasingly strained, reliance on outside messaging from PR specialists is becoming more commonplace. A recent feature story in Editor and Publisher suggests that the line between PR and journalism is becoming increasingly blurred. Is PR invading and dominating journalism?   


A recent story in Technology Review discussed the concept that the incredible amount of data being generated by the Internet of Things is offering opportunities previously only imagined in the minds of the most forward thinking marketers. By understanding existing customer behavior, can technologies and products be designed to influence future actions?  


A recent report on the state of the news media from Pew Research Center shows that more people are accessing their online news from mobile devices than ever. With 39 of the top 50 news sites reporting that more news is consumed via mobile devices than desktop computers, the trend towards mobile appears to be growing stronger. 


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