Social media management has become a profession in and of itself, but as a recent post on LinkedIn states, it is not the whole of public relations. Since the social phenomenon began, Trylon SMR has held that social media is a useful PR tool, but only one of many that practitioners can use to generate positive publicity, credibility and exposure for companies. 


There may be nothing more challenging for a PR practitioner than trying to get people to change their minds about a company or subject. A recent post at Institute for PR explores this theory and provides a possible answer.  


A recent story in New York Times Magazine has an interesting take on the subject of the current Big Data craze. With the torrent of information being produced by the emerging Internet of Things, data is now defining our decision-making process, from business to personal decisions. We are all on a quest to use data to optimize our experiences, according to the article.  


Most Americans use their phone to get news, according to a report from the Pew Research Center. Smartphones have become a go-to source for news, community updates, shopping and more as an increasing number of people carry the devices with them constantly. In fact, using the phone for news has become popular across a wide range of ages. 


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