While a common perception may exist that young adults spend most of their time on social media and don’t pay much attention to the news, a recent survey shows that they may be more engaged than previously thought. They are just consuming their news in different ways.

In fact, about two thirds of the young adult respondents to the survey say that they consume news regularly, frequently via social media. Instead of actively seeking news by buying a newspaper or going to an online site, they tend to let the news find them through friends’ social media pages.

If they do see a news item on social media that catches their eye, they may do some additional research into the story by surfing to a more traditional news site. This indicates that while they may get their headlines from social media, they know better than to simply trust it and will look for a credible source for confirmation.

One of the things that they like about the way they are getting their news through social media is that they feel it may be less slanted than traditional sources. They get feeds from a variety of sources and hence a variety of viewpoints. The fact that many actively seek sources and are doing their own verifications make these young adults more active – and possibly more sophisticated – news consumers.