The recent transformation of AirPR’s PR Marketplace into by the CHR Group portends a new approach to public relations service offerings. A TechCrunch post discusses what this means for the PR industry as it evolves in the future. matches top PR firms nationwide (including Trylon SMR) with companies seeking professional representation. In effect, does the vetting for each company depending on several factors including industry, geography, type of service needed, and budget. It operates on a transparent pricing model that offers more choices for marketers that are seeking PR services, but are unsure of how to find the right practitioner for their company.

By providing curated recommendations based upon a proprietary algorithm and human intelligence, PR Marketplace matches appropriate PR professionals with a company’s marketing goals. The result is a better match and less uncertainty, with a company able to spend more time on marketing and less time trying to find and vet a PR pro.

PR Marketplace offers marketers the opportunity to engage seamlessly with quality PR professionals, improving the overall quality of the relationship between clients and PR practitioners, thus benefiting all industries involved. It may become a model for professional services procurement of the future.