The recent transformation of AirPRís PR Marketplace into by the CHR Group portends a new approach to public relations service offerings. A TechCrunch post discusses what this means for the PR industry as it evolves in the future.


While a common perception may exist that young adults spend most of their time on social media and donít pay much attention to the news, a recent survey shows that they may be more engaged than previously thought. They are just consuming their news in different ways.


Recent trends in news consumption, disruptive news media models and a 24/7 news cycle are forcing changes to the news media models. A recent article on discusses how these changes are occurring and what they may portend for the future.  


A recent change to Google news results may be sending news seekers to company sites instead of traditional news sites, according to a recent article on Reuters. When entering a keyword search for news on Google, company statements may now top the list of news links, potentially costing news publishers while leading news consumers astray.


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