We have reported before about machine learning for content creation and robo reporting, but a new wrinkle has developed. Will it be possible in the future that you will not only be able to choose what news feeds you want, but that the stories themselves will be written just for you? According to a post on Motherboard.com, that possibility may well be in our future.

The post focused on a new artificial intelligence program called Quill that can produce data based news stories on demand. The program is in use already, and can crunch large amounts of data in seconds to produce a narrative report that fits the parameters of what the reader is looking for.

The program takes a universe of data sets and then interprets those sets according to the preferences of the reader – whether the reader is an audience of millions or an audience of one. This may take biased journalism to a whole new level.

According to the creators of Quill, the power of the program is to generate stories from large data sets for specific audiences. They cite sports as a prime example. One game produces a data set, but the fans of one team will see that data produced in a different way than the other team’s fans.

When we are already seeing polarization of news channels based upon audience preferences, the lack of objectivity of this type of robo-reporting may have significant consequences going forward.