Between Google Goggles, Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s new HoloLens, we no longer need to look at a screen to view computer programs, the Internet, or other applications. According to a recent article in the New York Times, by the late media critic David Carr, our society seems to be embracing the technology trend of becoming more engrossed with the virtual world than the real one.

As the article asks, what is it about our current world that we feel the need to augment or improve it (or escape it) through technology? While our parents or grandparents would tell us that television would rot your brain, what would they think about our obsession with our mobile phones, tablets, monitors and television screens today?

The article refers to a television series, Black Mirror, in which our physical reality is affected by our virtual reality. In this case, actual real world situations are created from the manipulation of virtual realities. Is this really a future that we want to experience? Or are we already experiencing it to some degree?

In the future, will we forgo actual vacations for a virtual vacation where we can simply enjoy an alternate reality? Is Star Trek’s Holograph the new cruise line? As we blend our current life with our virtual lives, are we stepping away from what makes us human?