In a recent Vlog Views interview with D S Simon Productions, Trylon SMR President Lloyd Trufelman cautioned against the current trend of seeing social media as the single "magic bullet" for marketing and communications campaigns. Marketers today are buying into the social phenomenon and going all in on one form of communication, believing that it alone can propel image recognition and brand growth.

Hearing marketers say things like they donít need outside media and that they can push their messages out on their own through social media reminds one of the blogging trend earlier in the millennium. Just as bloggers found back in the day, social media does not exist in a vacuum. Instead, itís most effective when it complements existing traditional and digital channels to leverage the power of viral messaging.

During the interview Trufelman issued a $500 challenge to host Doug Simon to name one purely social-driven marketing campaign that produced significant results without any other media. In virtually all cases, you will find that either news media or some other media channel assisted in extending the reach of the social channel.

It was pointed out that over 90 percent of journalists state that they now look to social media for story ideas and reactions. This only serves to reinforce our point that social media can be a powerful channel but that it is not the single magic bullet. A strong communications strategy will employ a cross platform strategy that utilizes all relevant media channels to achieve the highest potential result.