A recent interview in Broadcasting & Cable highlighted the fact that the media picture is constantly changing, calling it a "roller coaster gone off the rails." The rise of digital media, the changes to television and print media, and the fact that changes are occurring so rapidly that itís hard to keep pace, illustrate the challenges media companies face today.

The interview, with Group M Entertainment CEO Peter Tortorici, focused on how technology is driving the pace of change. Trying to adjust business models to meet this pace of change is nearly impossible, according to Tortorici. He used the television industry as an example. Looking back only a few decades, it was ludicrous to believe that any new network could compete with the big three. Now network and cable channels are fighting for their lives against the rise in streaming media.

When asked how to keep up in the fast paced media world, he advised that executives embrace analytics, pointing out that data analysis can provide insights and indications which can guide future initiatives. He cautioned that with the pace of change, itís no longer a linear journey. Anticipating future developments may lead to unusual and even antithetical tactics for companies wanting to lead the race.