The explosion of social media agencies would make one think every company needs social media marketing, but a recent post in the Guardian lays the case that social may not be the optimal communications channel for many companies. In fact, a recent story in Fast Company offers the opinion that many companies are wasting their time and resources on Facebook and Twitter.

Neither writer is saying that social media is irrelevant, but that instead it should be used carefully and in conjunction with other media channels and platforms. Each situation and targeted audience should be carefully analyzed and the appropriate strategy designed to meet the audience where they live.

In the case of Facebook and Twitter, a report from Forrester Research that was cited in the Fast Company article stated that brands utilizing these channels see their posts only reach about two percent of their followers with a meager 0.07 percent actually engaging with the posts.

So what are companies to do? The first step is to identify what you want from your marketing efforts who you want to reach, what message you are sending, and what you want them to do with the information. Once you have your goals laid out, then you can design a campaign that utilizes the best channels that will get the job done.