A recent post on Medium.com from The Trust Project discusses the need for news media to re-establish trust with consumers. If, as the article suggests, more than half of Americans do not expect full, fair and accurate reporting from news agencies, and if one quarter of them do not expect the news media to get basic facts right, there is a huge trust issue that needs to be addressed.

People are walking away from news sources because of this lack of trust. They are confused by sponsored content on news sites – is it news or is it an ad? Why is this story appearing on my screen? Is it really news and what does it mean to me?

The authors have some suggestions that can enhance the trust quotient in news consumption. Transparency through disclosure is a good start. Tell new consumers about who writes the articles, what their bona fides are, what the editorial process is and provide disclosures on potential conflicts of interest. Own up when mistakes are made and document sources.

Ultimately, rebuilding trust can provide news media with an enhanced value. As they earn back news consumers’ trust, they will build loyalty and credibility.