Are technology publishers like Wired and Mashable going more mainstream? Thatís the question posed by a recent post in In fact, according to the post, the way media as a whole looks at technology is changing. An example cited was a recent retreat hosted by Wired magazine that focused on design influences on branding and other aspects of life.

Publications that were once focused strictly on tech news and developments have now broadened their coverage into business, politics, entertainment and even sports. While there may be some relationships to technology, in many cases the stories are not tech-related, but instead appeal to a broader audience.

It appears that this shift is due to a need by these publishers to expand their audience from tech professionals to a more general audience. It may also be a reaction to more mainstream publications, like the Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair including tech-related content in their reporting.

A key factor for this convergence is the simple fact that technology today is pervasive. When virtually everyone utilizes some form of technology, the lines between tech savvy and Luddite become increasingly blurred. As the post concludes, the media shift to reach a larger audience may result in content delivery that better matches peopleís needs Ė and thatís a good thing.