When it comes to media consumption, conservatives and liberals tend to choose outlets that reflect their political leanings. A recent post on journalism.org discusses this trend and its effect on the increasing polarization between those who lean left and those who lean right.


Are technology publishers like Wired and Mashable going more mainstream? Thatís the question posed by a recent post in Digiday.com. In fact, according to the post, the way media as a whole looks at technology is changing. An example cited was a recent retreat hosted by Wired magazine that focused on design influences on branding and other aspects of life.


A recent New York Times opinion piece suggests that positive thinking may not be the cure-all that many of its proponents say it is. As we have reported before, this isnít the first time that the possible negative consequences of positive thinking have been exposed. The author of the article performed a number of studies focused on results obtained by observing practitioners of positive thinking and found that in some cases, positive thinking may actually hinder people from realizing their goals.       


A recent post on Medium.com from The Trust Project discusses the need for news media to re-establish trust with consumers. If, as the article suggests, more than half of Americans do not expect full, fair and accurate reporting from news agencies, and if one quarter of them do not expect the news media to get basic facts right, there is a huge trust issue that needs to be addressed.

Tops in New York

PR Newser has augmented the New York Observer's recently-released list of the top PR firms in New York, adding Trylon SMR to its list. We appreciate being recognized alongside our colleagues for the work we do for our clients.

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