We have always advocated the judicious use of social media as another PR tool for companies looking to extend their brand. When applied effectively, social media can extend the reach and impact of legitimate third-party earned media coverage. Now we find that journalists agree with us, according to a recent survey from Ogilvy Public Relations.


As budgets for local news outlets dry up, a new form of daily news is arriving on people's smartphones and tablets. According to a recent Financial Times article, corporate-sponsored news sites are thriving, further blurring the lines between legitimate news and sponsored content.


A recent article from Pew Research described the growing digital native news world, in which an emphasis on social media for audience engagement is deemed critical. At first glance it would appear that social media is driving news. Actually, research confirms that social media is simply another messenger, not a generator of news.      


A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans' confidence in mass media continues to decline. The latest poll, taken in early September, shows that our confidence in the media to report news accurately and fairly has returned to an all-time low. Only 40 percent of Americans have a great deal or fair amount of confidence, matching the lowest rate ever recorded in 2012.

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