While recent stories about the tragic deaths of James Foley and Steven Sotloff dominated new headlines in recent weeks, the fact is that journalists have been under attack since the profession began. In a recent blog post, Alan Krawitz asks if journalists are at greater risk today, and what if anything can be done to protect them.


A recent post in the New York Times by Claire Cain Miller argues that social media silences debate rather than enhances political participation. She cited a report by Pew Research Center which concludes that people will tend to share political views on social media if they think those views would be agreed with. However, if they think that people will disagree with them, they will refrain from posting their views, leading to a "spiral of silence."


The answer is an overwhelming "NO," according to a recent survey from Contently, a startup that connects brands with writers who create this kind of content for the Web. Two thirds of the respondents to the survey reported that they felt tricked when they found out that a video or article that they followed was being sponsored by a brand.      


While social media continues to take larger chunks out of marketing budgets, most companies donít have any way to tell what kind of impact this spending is having, according to a recent blog post in the Wall Street Journal.

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When PR Newser augmented Business Insider's recently-released list of the top tech PR pros Trylon SMR was added to the list. It's always nice to be recognized alongside our colleagues for the work we're doing for our clients...

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