A recent post in Niemen Journalism Lab describes how newsrooms are utilizing a worldwide staffing approach to keep up with the 24/7 news cycle. While a New York newsroom may be quiet at 2 a.m. there is a good chance that halfway around the world a staffer is busy collecting information, sourcing news and creating stories that will be delivered on the morning news.

Many of these media sites make sure their customers are aware that they donít need to switch channels to remain up to date. In fact, they make a point of letting their readers know that operations continue around the clock, hoping that they can keep their attention no matter the time of day.

This has created new opportunities for journalists, as there are now positions available around the world that can provide greater cultural awareness and a more varied resume. As media becomes increasingly global in nature, having experience in different cultures can differentiate and improve a reporterís biography.

Is there a new opportunity here for marketers as well? Instead of looking in your back yard, it may be wise to consider a global approach to media relations. The best journalist to contact regarding your story pitch may not be the local newsroom. Instead, they may be in another country!