Last year marked the first time ever that US adults spent more time with digital content than television, according to a recent article in eMarketer. The article goes on to state that we are spending more time with mobile devices than ever, and that the figure just continues to grow. We are expected to spend well over five hours per day on digital media every day in 2014, compared to about four and a half hours a day watching TV.

Time spent on mobile devices is expected to increase by a whopping 23 percent this year over last, according to eMarketer, placing this channel firmly in second place behind television. That is a lot of phone and tablet watching!

Most of the time spent consuming content on smartphones and tablets these days revolves around social media and video content. Mobile still accounts for relatively small amounts of television and movie viewing, but it is expected to grow by 50percent this year, while TV viewing is expected to remain flat.

One key take away from this article is that many digital media consumers are multi-tasking, which diminishes their attention. Marketers looking to make digital media pay off would be well advised to attempt to attract greater attention by creating compelling content that makes an impact and attracts a viewer’s full attention.