How many "likes" are enough? Or the better question may be how many are too many? That is one of the questions tackled in a recent Wall Street Journal story about social media featuring a look behind the hype and into actual business practices.

For example, Ritz-Carlton curtailed a Facebook advertising campaign when they decided that the large influx of new fans was actually having a dilutive effect on the company’s ability to communicate with its key customers. Instead of looking for raw numbers, companies are beginning to look for real interaction and increased reputation.

The findings of a Gallup poll shows that when it comes to persuasion and building relationships with customers, social media may not be the cure-all that marketers had hoped for. In fact, a study conducted by Nielsen last year found that global consumers trusted ads viewed on traditional media channels more than they did those on social media, according to the article.

As is true for most marketing channels, including PR, quality trumps quantity almost every time. The shotgun approach, whether for fans and followers or from press release distribution, will never accomplish the goals as effectively as targeted and efficient communications – no matter what medium is being used.