How many "likes" are enough? Or the better question may be how many are too many? That is one of the questions tackled in a recent Wall Street Journal story about social media featuring a look behind the hype and into actual business practices.   


Last year marked the first time ever that US adults spent more time with digital content than television, according to a recent article in eMarketer. The article goes on to state that we are spending more time with mobile devices than ever, and that the figure just continues to grow. We are expected to spend well over five hours per day on digital media every day in 2014, compared to about four and a half hours a day watching TV.


A recent study from Contently shows that more than half of consumers don't trust sponsored content (advertising disguised as legitimate news). Even worse for media brands that run such content, 59 percent say that news sites that run such content lose credibility. Interestingly, Contently is a producer of content for brands that regularly appear as sponsored content.      


A recent post in Niemen Journalism Lab describes how newsrooms are utilizing a worldwide staffing approach to keep up with the 24/7 news cycle. While a New York newsroom may be quiet at 2 a.m. there is a good chance that halfway around the world a staffer is busy collecting information, sourcing news and creating stories that will be delivered on the morning news.


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