Too often, companies blame their PR agencies for a lack of press, when in fact they should spend more time learning how journalism works, according to a post on The post includes a number of important points that can help a company better navigate the media landscape, and a few of them truly resonate with us.

Media relations are based upon relationships. The concept seems simple, but so many people try to cut this key fact out of their PR strategy. Thatís because it takes time to build these relationships, and most companies want their news out now. This is one reason why companies employ a company like ours Ė we have already spent the time to build these key relationships.

How you approach the media is as important as what you have to say. You may have the perfect story that fits a media outletís niche and the timing is incredible, but if you try to force your way in, you may lose out. Learning how to pitch an editor or a freelance journalist is extremely critical to the success of a campaign. Donít pitch when they are on deadline. Donít provide excessive information. Donít lie about your relationship with them. Definitely donít bug them constantly if they show some interest in your story.

The press release is dead. As the author of this post points out, nobody in the media reads press releases anymore. If you want media coverage you have to earn it. That means pitching the story to the right person at the right time, and helping them as much as you can by providing relevant and useful information.

Be interesting. Journalists are looking for content that will engage their audiences. If you can give them a great story line, your chances are good that you will get an audience. If you follow that up with a lively and engaging story and possible interview, then you will get the media attention you deserve.