A recent article in Adweek seems to dispel the rumor that traditional television is in decline and that digital video is king. It discusses the results of a recent Nielsen study that analyzed viewership using both formats. The numbers donít lie.

According to the study, there are 283 million people who watch an average of 146 hours of television every month. When you compare it to digital video consumption over mobile and the web, there is a huge discrepancy. There are 155 million online video viewers who spend about six hours on mobile and six and a half on the web every month.

Those numbers are big, but the real eye opener is the amount of money in each industry. Television is a $74 billion industry, compared to the miniscule $3.5 billion digital video industry. That makes the television industry more than 20 times bigger.

However, it is expected that as time marches on, the lines will continue to blur between traditional television and digital video entertainment. For example, today many digital video viewers are catching up on television shows that they missed.

One fact that canít be contested is that digital offers a more complete view of the consumerís habits than television. The data that can be mined from digital usage can be tied more closely to consumption habits and will become increasingly valuable. We can expect digital video consumption, and the value of the digital video industry, to continue to grow.