In an effort to combat the spread of false rumors through social media, scientists are developing a new system of algorithms that will be able to determine whether a statement is truth or fiction, according to a recent article in the U.K.ís Telegraph. The creators of the system claim that it can instantly judge the veracity of a statement in less time than it takes to tweet!

The system will be able to quickly test information and trace its origins, enabling the media and authorities to quickly respond to false information. This could avoid damage done from erroneous reports that can lead to rioting or worse.

The hope is that if this system can be brought into play early on in the genesis of a false rumor, it will be able to eliminate the damage done when the public is exposed to widespread misinformation. In many cases, a lie can spread so quickly that it becomes considered the truth before it can be substantiated.

As one of the system designers stated, people tend to believe what they read on the Internet, and if authorities can counter a fast-spreading rumor with reliable and credible information before it gets out of hand, a lot of trouble and expense could be saved. This might be a silver bullet to counter the spread of malicious gossip on the new anonymous social sharing sites that is becoming prevalent on the web.