In an effort to combat the spread of false rumors through social media, scientists are developing a new system of algorithms that will be able to determine whether a statement is truth or fiction, according to a recent article in the U.K.ís Telegraph. The creators of the system claim that it can instantly judge the veracity of a statement in less time than it takes to tweet!


One of the metrics used by social media these days is the number of times a piece of content is shared by its users. A recent article in Social Times questions whether this shared content is actually read, or is it simply being passed back and forth? In other words, is the metric meaningful?


A recent article in Adweek seems to dispel the rumor that traditional television is in decline and that digital video is king. It discusses the results of a recent Nielsen study that analyzed viewership using both formats. The numbers donít lie.     


Where we get our news has been a recurring theme in the Trylon SMR newsletters. According to a recent study, you might as well check the box, "all of the above." It seems that more than 60 percent of adults in the U.S. get their news from a variety of sources, including television, radio, print, computers or phones. We can now choose to access news how and when we want, and we are apparently taking advantage of that opportunity.   

Making the Grade

The Holmes Report has released its 2013 report card on top North American PR agencies and Trylon SMR has once again received a positive grade.

The report specifically notes how Trylon SMR "has been quick to get out ahead of new media trends, keeping abreast of industry changes and leveraging those changes to better service its clients..."

We appreciate good reviews from analysts such as The Holmes Report, but our greatest satisfaction comes from the results we deliver on behalf of our clients.


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