A recent blog post at WordWrite acknowledged that advertising can be a necessary and even essential component of a complete marketing plan. The post goes on to caution that considering content marketing a part of a communication or PR program should not be classified as anything other than advertising, saying that in effect a "paid ad is a paid ad."


PRNewser recently published a blog post describing five current PR myths.

The first is that having a relationship with a journalist guarantees a story. On this point we agree that just because you have developed a relationship with a member of the media doesn’t guarantee that every pitch will be accepted on its face. Savvy PR pros will know what that journalist is looking for and not try to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s part of building the relationship – providing the news and information that they would really like to know, not pitching them every idea that comes across your desk.


That is the question posed after an interesting survey was released by the Associated Press late last year. The poll found that Americans are becoming more suspicious of each other in everyday life, reducing the key "social trust" that is necessary for a well functioning society. This suspicion and lack of trust makes a company’s public relations strategy more important than ever.  


A poll conducted late last year by Gallup found that only 21 percent of the respondents ranked newspaper reporters with either high or very high standards for ethics and honesty – just above attorneys! Television reporters scored even lower at 20 percent, and advertisers held a low rating of only 14 percent. Lobbyists held the dubious honor of being at the bottom of the list with only six percent. What does this mean for marketers and PR pros? 





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