Digital futurist Amy Webb gave her popular tech trends talk at the Online News Association's annual conference recently. The trends that she is watching range widely from computers being able to anticipate requests to personalized video to one of the top tech stories of 2013 – drones.


According to a recent survey, old media trumps new when it comes to social media mentions. According to the survey, conducted by Digimind Social, traditional media receives 44 percent more mentions on social networks than new media – and is three times more likely to be mentioned specifically on Twitter. 


Two recent studies have focused on the role of news in social media. A report from Pew Research Center discussed the way news is consumed by Facebook users. Another Pew study took a look at what Twitter news consumers looked like, and compared those demographics against those of Facebook news consumers. 


A recent post on Multichannel News focused on a disturbing trend – the Internet, while originally created as a way for people to share information, is quickly becoming a place where machines and sensors can share information as well. In fact, according to the article, while about 2.3 billion people currently have the ability to access the Internet, there are approximately 2 billion “things” that are already sending and receiving information over the web.





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