A recent NY Times article discussed the possible impact that native advertising may have on the journalism world, calling it "advertising wearing the uniform of journalism". It is easy when navigating a media website to run across an interesting article topic, only then to realize that you have clicked into an ad disguised as a news story.


With todayís technology, it is becoming easier to collect and analyze huge amounts of data. This ability is changing the way we make decisions, but is it becoming a magic tool for predicting the future? Thatís the question posed in a recent post on radar.oreilly.com.


According to a recent article from the Institute for PR, communications are becoming increasingly important for top executives, and the role of the communications officer has developed into a key C-suite position. No longer viewed as a defensive position, communications officers are being encouraged to take a more proactive approach using the many new tools available to them.


It may be tantalizing for a marketer to enhance their reputation by posting glowing reviews of their company on reputation sites such as Yep, Google and Yahoo. According to a recent story in the New York Times, however, you may want to think twice.




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